TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA GIRLSconceptual design meets fashion: painted/printed denim & ribbon How can women artists inspire (product) designs in such a way that actively communicates women’s underrepresentation/gendered inequality of the art world?Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:all of these cartoons were inspired & characterized by 4 (male) Renaissance masters....What if they were women artists? How could this idea physically manifest in a logical, yet communicative/mobile way? --that strives to inspire/further an awareness of this issue?The masks” over their eyes are ribbons: one side displays a quote by the artist, & the other, a statistic expressing an art world inequality. One ribbon is attached to the jacket, over the illustration’s eyes: 2 ends, dangling down from their attachment points. There are two holes cut, for which more ribbons (with more quotes & statistics) loop through, in such a way that they could be extracted from the jacket, & taken/distributed.Conceptually, this piece intends to speak in more ways than one: although the ribbons fashionably simulate the ninja turtles’ masks, they work more so as blindfolds-- intending to communicate our own blindedness to the issue, which has caused these artistsown sights to be unfairly kept from history’s eyes thereafter.