Hello & thanks for visiting! My name is Liv Jones, & I am an artist/designer living & working in the Chicago area.

If chosen professions defined our "super powers," I'd want mine to be creativity! --When I am creating, I feel most aligned with the person I was created to be, & that is a feeling worth living for! From concept to creation, I love watching an identity come to life: be it a brand I am designing, or the soul of a person I am painting!

I am a proud graduate of Bowling Green State University, where I studied Graphic Design alongside art history, studio art & chemistry (art conservation,) to purposely compose a multidisciplinary lens of the art world's collaborative perspectives. All of the above has stylistically blended into an eye for art & design that is conceptually detailed, colorfully crafted & passionately inspired! I hope you enjoy my work & have a blessed day!


my goal: Be creative. Stay inspired. 



Passion is the genesis of genius

Galileo Galilei